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Groundbreaking medical procedures require accurate communication.

Groundbreaking research requires extensive communication.  In this publication of CardioBeat, the goal of the feature article was to announce to the local and eventual national medical community how and why the gold-standard for treating cardiogenic shock was about to change.  A uniquely collaborative effort that started in the Detroit health care market ultimately involved hospitals and clinicians throughout the United States.  Working with the researchers to understand their goals and gather the content to launch the initiative was just the start of the multi-year registry that demonstrated procedural changes saved lives.


The publication written by Dr. Cande Tschetter can be viewed on the client’s website, click here.

Understanding and communicating complex medical procedures for patients educates.

Easy to understand complicated procedures.  This article was part of an overall e-communication strategy to share with patients the capability of an advanced neurosurgical procedure.  Gathering information from the surgeon’s patients for a video testimonial (storytelling) and from the neurosurgeon who explained the procedure on video presented an opportunity to “multi-purpose” the information on many communication platforms.


The article written by Dr. Cande Tschetter can be viewed on the client’s blog website, click here.

Presenting data effectively continues to share a story of success.

Sharing successes…this publication presents the facts and figures provided by the client that set the foundation for this publication which shared the outcomes of hard work by the team.  Maintaining the language and the brand, this outcomes  piece became an insert to the annual TransNotes publication.


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Interviews develop context and content for effective communication.

Conveying a critical and encouraging message…this article began with an interview with the chair of the department, conducted via Zoom.  From the interview the article was drafted for review and finishing touches added. The article was included in TransNotes, the annual publication which focused on how the team succeeded and kept patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Blogs help expand the reach to share information and expertise.

Blog writing for healthcare increases exposure…This example demonstrates an education and marketing blend. Not only does this information help patients understand complex medical procedures it also encourages use of the physician for services. By viewing the entire blog article, the full use of blog and video blended have a strong impact.


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