Cande Tschetter, PhD

Dr. Cande Tschetter

A story expresses how and why one’s life changes. My story is no different. I began my career in healthcare public relations, then added marketing to that mix. After a couple of decades in corporate healthcare, teaching became a second career – making me a dual careerist. Oh, but wait there’s more, I created my own marketing communications practice – Tschetter & Associates – and for nearly 20 years worked with dozens of healthcare and other clients to enhance their business.


Someone once told me life is made of stepping stones and each step taken means we are one step closer to our real life’s purpose – they were right. At this stage of life and career, what has emerged is a great blend of education through healthcare writing, video storytelling, qualitative research, plus coaching and chairing doctoral dissertation learners along their journey to life-long learning.  Click to read a bio on Cande Tschetter, Ph.D.

Healthcare Writer

Healthcare writing is a niche. The ability to take complex medical procedures or research and translate for other physicians or patients requires an understanding of nuances of medicine and terminology. In need of healthcare newsletters, articles, patient education materials, promotional literature, journal, or research documents? You are in the right place.

Video Storyteller

A story expresses how and why one’s life changes. Words educate. Emotions show the realism. Faces make a connection. Effective storytelling always brings about a reaction. The art of storytelling is drawn from the experiences of life and curiosity to learn from each other. Video storytelling is powerful, people quickly connect and trust that you or your organization will provide the same service or care for them.

Qualitative Researcher

The task of a qualitative researcher is to discover and explain patterns of how individuals and group express their life experiences through words. Be it business to learn more about a customer’s meaning of your organization or academia to discover and contribute to the literature, qualitative research has found its place.Based in social science, qualitative inquiry examines how people and groups construct their meaning in their own words. As humans, we attach meaning to things and experiences.

Dissertation Coach

Designed around the support you need, this dissertation coach can help get you started, coach you through rough spots or bring you back off the cliff of desperation. Online virtual sessions can motivate, guide, smash writer’s block, improve productivity, reduce stress, prepare you for defense and help you cross the finish line. A dissertation coach does not do your work, perform your statistical analysis, but may be a great place to vent or proof your writing.

Been There, Done That

  • Let’s face it, most patients have a difficult time grasping a health diagnosis and treatment options.  A great healthcare writer knows how patients comprehend medical concepts and can write for comprehension.  Research has shown

  • Telling a story using professionally produce video and photography brings it to life and encourages patients, clients or customers connect with your business. Not sure where to begin, we can make it easy to get started. Every story brought to life is

  • Qualitative research uses an approach to learn what participants think about a specific topic, to learn their opinions and perceptions and how those opinions were formed. This type of research gathers data in the form of words rather than numbers.

  • Every doctoral student at one point or another finds themselves looking over the edge of the proverbial cliff asking – Is all this work worth the effort?  The answer is yes!  Should you quit? The answer is no! There can be many reasons to ask yoursel