Educating Patients and Physicians

Let’s face it, most patients have a difficult time grasping a health diagnosis and treatment options.  A great healthcare writer knows how patients comprehend medical concepts and can write for comprehension.  Research has shown that health literacy supports the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information to make better and more educated health decisions. Health literacy is shown to reduce healthcare costs and unnecessary hospitalizations — a benefit for patients, clinicians and hospitals.  So important, that in 2010,  the Affordable Care Act (ACA), required that health organizations help patients through self-management and decision making to better understand and navigate health care systems.  This is the reason so many health systems and medical practices produce e-newsletters and use social media to educate.

Physicians and health care organizations also benefit from the experience of a healthcare writer. Sharing expertise or research with local peers and national colleagues beyond the medical journals raises knowledge and further positions clinicians as leaders in their field of expertise. Consider using research newsletters or hospital department and health care organization marketing and promotion. Yes, even in what was once considered taboo — social media and even great quality production of educational video requires effective writing and scripting.

The ability to comprehend the complexities of medicine to create clear, concise, accurate medical information for a range of readers is a skill honed over decades of healthcare writing.

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